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Learn more about L'Étape by Tour de France and the host cities, starting with Strathcona County Canada.


Sherwood Park - Strathcona County, Alberta

Experience Canada's prairies like never before in Alberta's heartland. 

Strathcona County, located in the heart of Alberta, is an energetic and thriving community. A leader in North America’s petroleum industry and a champion for advancing diverse agricultural business, we use our energy to power our new tomorrow.

We are a specialized municipality, and work cooperatively with our urban and rural residents to govern as a single municipality. Proud of our distinct governance model, we promote and demonstrate our achievements.

We are a welcoming place to live and attract people of all ages, cultures and walks of life to join us. Families thrive in our dynamic, caring and safe community.

We strive to be a model of ecological integrity, protecting our environment and preserving our agricultural heritage. Investment in infrastructure, quality services, cultural and recreational programs and facilities is a priority and sets us apart.

Becoming Canada's most livable community

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Things to do in Strathcona County
L'Étape by Tour de France
What is L'Étape by Tour de France?

L'Étape Canada by Tour de France is a new unique cycling experience that arrived in Canada on August 13, 2023. After a hugely successful initial event, L'Étape is returning to Strathcona County in 2023! L'Étape by Tour de France is a world leader in mass participation cycling events, bringing a quality, authentic Tour de France experience across the world. L'Étape by Tour de France is held in 21 different countries and offers amateur cyclists the ability to race or ride a stage of the Tour de France in their own back yard. 

Who can participate in L'Étape Canada by Tour de France?

Anyone with a bike! L'Étape Canada by Tour de France is here for every interest and ability level. Whether you've been cycling since you were two or you just picked up a bike last month, this ride is for you. We have a 140-km race for our serious cyclists all the way to a kids ride, totally for fun. Find the ride that's right for you. 

Why register for L'Étape Canada by Tour de France?
  • Authentic Tour de France experience - the route  and race are designed by Tour de France experts and you'll be racing with Tour de France legends. 

  • Supported the whole way - we provide a high-level of safety and service throughout the race. From road closures to service vehicles, we take care of you so you can take care of the course. 

  • Timing system and overall classifications - race for a place and a time in our competitive distances. 

  • King of the Mountain and Sprint challenges - climbers and sprinters can get competitive! Polka dot and green jerseys are up for grabs in the 130-km distance. 

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