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L'Étape Edmonton Dictionary

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

We've been using a lot of "L'Étape by Tour de France" terms lately. It's mostly because you get a ton of L'Étape by Tour de France perks by being part of the community, but here's a quick guide to help you keep it sorted.

  • L'Étape Edmonton by Tour de France: Yours truly! L'Étape Edmonton is the one you need to register for today! Taking place on August 14th, 2022, in Edmonton, this event bring the Tour de France experience to the streets of Edmonton! Register today!

  • L'Étape du Tour de France: This event takes place in FRANCE in July. You'll join 16,000 cyclists on an actual stage of the Tour de France. 2022 sold out in days!

  • L'Étape Championship: This program is made for top performers. Top finishers in each age group racing in the 130-km event in L'Étape Edmonton will be qualified to race in the L'Étape Championship. L'Étape Championship crowns the top L'Étape by Tour de France cyclist in the world and takes place at L'Étape du Tour. In 2022, there are 26 L'Étape by Tour de France qualifying events and L'Étape Edmonton is one of them!

  • L'Étape Reward: A program that gives you a better chance to actually race in L'Étape du Tour (which sells out in under 24 hours). It means that by registering in L'Étape Edmonton, you'll be given access to an exclusive registration time frame to secure your spot for L'Étape du Tour, the most famous sportive in the world, gathering 16,000 cyclists every in year.

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